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Lynne is AWESOME. Seriously, my skin looks so much better after seeing her for microderms and peels. She also carries amazing products and she really knows how to help you get on a skin care program that works for YOUR skin. She has taught me SO much and because of her I wear sun block everyday. I hate the way sun block feels on my skin but the one she sells is amazing! She totally looks 10 yrs. younger than she is. I about died when she told me her age. Lynne loves what she does, and that makes her SUPER gifted at it. She really has such passion for helping you create the most healthy, radiant, beautiful skin you can possibly have and she is always learning new techniques and about new products. I HIGHLY recommend Lynne… you will be so grateful when you experience her work.

Erin L.
Van Nuys, CA.

Lynne is passionate about what she does, and has the glowing skin to make her a billboard for her company. I had my first microdermabrasion with her a couple of weeks ago and got compliments from some most discerning "skin freak" friends. Lynne also followed up with me to see if I had been keeping up with my regimen. And she turned me onto an AWESOME sunscreen that she sells right there onsite. Uh, I think I need to get into see her. I'm headed to NYC and need a tune up.

West Hollywood, CA.

I have been to many aestheticians and will never go to anyone else! Lynne not only looks 10 years younger than she is, she will do the same for you. I go to Lynne for microdermabrasions and peels every 4 weeks. She is personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Lynne constantly attends workshops and tries new products to further her knowledge and ensure her product recommendations are excellent. She also likes to add in extras and give samples when she can. Oh oh oh… AND she checks up on me periodically to see how my skin is doing!!! I mean, REALLY? She's amazing!!!!

Cathy B.
Santa Monica, CA.


I always think if you love what you do – it shows in what you do. This is so true of Lynne. Her facials are out-of-this world because she is so invested in you from making sure she cleans out all the pores, to doing research for any particular concern you have(if she doesn't have an immediate answer and she usually does), to making sure you leave with sunscreen.!! Lynne is a true care-taker and she genuinely takes prides in the services she offers and goes the extra step to ensure that you leave feeling beautiful. The prices are competitive, the products are great and the environment is intimate, clean and peaceful. Treat yourself – she is a winner and you'll be glad you have her in your life!

B. K.
Los Angeles, CA.


I’ve been going to Lynne for several years now. I first started out with getting facials but now she gives me Endermologie treatments too. I’m so excited about how my body is changing. The biggest difference for me has been the reduction of cellulite. I’m also feeling much better about my stomach and love handles. This has been my problem area since having children and gone through menopause but now I look better in my clothes and I feel more confident.

I was very skeptical about the procedure but Lynne was very knowledgeable and helped me to understand the process and answer any questions I had. She is also very helpful with diet and exercise tips, skin care, and pleasant to talk to. I only wish I would have started Endermologie years ago.

Michelle B.
Los Angeles, CA.