About Me

Lynne Praver, Licensed Esthetician

At Skin 90210 in Beverly Hills, I provide treatments designed to improve the condition of the skin. I stay on top of the latest innovations through continual advanced skin care education, regular consultations with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and testing of new products. This knowledge and expertise leads to visible, positive results for my clients.

I specialize in aging skin and acne, with the use of several methods to correct current conditions, keep skin clear, and also to slow down the aging process. Personalized treatment plans might include oxygen facials, microdermabrasion or chemical peels. At Skin 90210, clients are educated on how to treat their skin at home for optimal results. Based on each client’s individual skin condition and lifestyle, a realistic and effective treatment plan is designed.

I believe that professional facials are only 50 percent of the process—the other half is up to the client. As I only see my clients every 4 to 6 weeks, how they take care of their skin in between appointments is crucial to the outcome they will see. To simplify excellent home care, I have developed a line of high-performance skin care. Skin 90210 products are gentle, yet contain effective levels of proven ingredients. Many of the ingredients used are plant or mineral based, and all of the products are cruelty free.

To schedule an appointment, e-mail me at info@skin90210.com or you can reach me at 310 721 6773.

Lynne Praver

Beverly Hills, CA. 90210

Hours: By appointment only Parking: Free two-hour parking lot located on Brighton Way between Camden and Rodeo Drive.