Oxygen Facials

Oxygen levels in the skin diminish with age and from exposure to air pollution and stress. According to the experts oxygen levels drop by as much as 70% by the time your're 30 years old. As a result you will see more visible fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

An oxygen facial works by super- charging the oxygen levels in the skin. The result is better circulation, more hydrated skin, and skin cell regeneration. What you will see visibly is a glow to the skin and a softness of the fine lines. Not only does the oxygen make you look younger and more hydrated but it reduces grayness, helps with rosacea, and reduces the bacteria on your skin which can cause acne.

The oxygen is delivered on to the skin through an airbrush which can also be infused with skin lightners, vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizers. The experience is soothing and quite relaxing.

Many celebrities swear by oxygen facials because it makes their faces look flawless even on high-definition television. Makeup artists say it makes the skin look more hydrated and makes the skin look smoother.

At Skin 90210 we think the best result comes from a customized facial with a microdermabrasion, and then oxygen. The results are amazing!!

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