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Skin 90210 | Intensive Soothing Moisturizer

Skin 90210 | Intensive Soothing Moisturizer

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Extra-strength, luxuriously rich creme is formulated for extremely dry, sensitive skin; revives comfort instantly as Merospheres, liposome encapsulated Rosemary, help direct the repair of skin's protective barrier down deep, where damage begins Sea Whip, Green Tea and other calming Plant extracts soothe visible redness and other signs of sensitivity, while targeted Antioxidants control signs of aging that appear earlier than normal in sensitive skin. Soluble Beta Glucans supports skin's ability to make long-lasting corrections down deep, where sensitivity starts. The result is skin that feels healthier immediately, acts healthier long-term - even when faced with irritants that may have been hard to overcome in the past.

Best for dry skin.

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